2/24 A Ridgeline Hike to Merry’s Bay


  • Date: Saturday, February 24th
  • Meet Up: Orofino City Park @ 9:00am PT
  • Trailhead: Ahsahka Ridge Trail System @ 9:30am
  • Contact: Todd Holcomb
    • Phone: 208-704-9739
    • Email: todd@clearwatertrekking.com


The West Ridge Trail starts on the road leading to Bruce's Eddy, just a short ways up from the Ahsahka Bridge. It climbs steadily up past the Dworshak rock quarry where it joins up with the East Ridge Trail and works its way around and down to Merry's Bay. There is another optional trail that cuts in behind the rock pit and drops down near the Bruce's Eddy parking lot to the Merry's Bay Trailhead. Either way we go, it's about 3 miles from the West Ridge Trailhead to Merry's Bay.

Our plan is to hike the West Ridge and East Ridge trails all the way to Merry's Bay. On the way back, we'll decide whether we want to hike down the road to our cars or hike back up past the rock pit and down the West Ridge trail again. We'll see how much steam we have left. 🙂 All together, we're looking at about a 6-mile loop.

I know this post is about as last minute as it gets, but just in case it catches you at the right moment, we'll swing by Orofino City Park on our way to the trailhead and see if anyone is there to join us. The trailhead has limited parking, so carpooling is recommended. Wear sturdy shoes and pack for the potential of rain. Bring a sack lunch and plenty of water as the first time we'll be able to filter more water will be down at Merry's Bay. Following the hike, feel free to join us at House of Ju-Ju for a little grub!