6/15 – 6/16 Weitas Creek Overnight Hike


  • Date: Saturday, June 15th - Sunday, June 16th
  • Meet Up: Optional campout at Weitas Campground on 6/14
  • Trailhead: South side of Weitas Creek Campground
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM
  • Contact: Todd Holcomb
    • Phone: 208-704-9739
    • Email: todd@clearwatertrekking.com
  • Photo by: Evans Outdoor Adventures


Change of plans! We're still headed to Weitas Creek, but we're not heading out until Saturday morning, June 15th.

We didn't get any registrations to join up with the Great Burn Conservation Alliance, and some family events have called me away on Friday, so trail day has been moved to Saturday. The working plan is to arrive in Weitas Campground late Friday night and hit the trail at 9:00 AM on Saturday morning. Our goal is to reach the Guard Station and camp outside since we will not have access to the buildings like we had originally planned. We'll head back out on Sunday the 16th.

It's not quite the adventure we were planning, but it should still be a good time. Hope you can join us!

Looking for even more? The Weitas Creek Trail #20 continues on past the Guard Station for another 21 miles or so to 12-Mile Saddle, which sits below Indian Grave Peak a little ways north of the Lochsa River. That sounds like quite the jaunt.

Our featured photo is shared with permission from fellow Trekker, Lusha Evans of Evans Outdoor Adventures. Lusha and her husband, Jason, hike Weitas Creek Trail back in 2016 and wrote a great blog post about it. You can check it out here: Evan's Outdoor Adventures Weitas Creek Backpack, 2016. Also, here's our trail on Gaia Maps to help you plan: