New Beginnings Dawn

The winter solstice is past. Today, the increasing sunlight is perceptible to the naked eye. Today, we see the promise we celebrated while it was still dark.

What new beginning is dawning in your life today? What if we welcomed that dawning much like we do Christmas morning?

After all the decorations are up, all the presents wrapped, all the festivities done, morning follows evening and Christmas day arrives. Maybe all your bows are neatly tied, or maybe you’re barely hanging on by the handle of a coffee mug (did you even get any sleep?). Either way, here you are facing the dawning of a new day.

What if you allowed new beginnings to come into your life the same way? Not all at once, but slowly like the rising sun. And not waiting until everything is perfect, but embracing it just as you are, allowing it to come upon you in its own time.

So go ahead and pour that third cup of coffee and smile into the unknown. It’s just a new day dawning.

Merry Christmas, my friends.


*Seek the Clearwater

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