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Canyon Creek Day Hike @ Canyon Creek Boat Launch, Orofino
May 22 @ 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
Canyon Creek Day Hike @ Canyon Creek Boat Launch, Orofino | Orofino | Idaho | United States

The Clearwater Trekkers have been on various trails around the Dworshak Reservoir, but this will be our first time out on Canyon Creek. Word is, they’ve extended the trail, so we’re eager to go see it.

Lakeside trails around Dworshak Reservoir usually provide nice views of the lake, wooden bridges over runoff streams, and ferns and mosses growing in the shady areas. Over all, these are fun, local hikes where The Clearwater Trekkers got their start.

Our guess, from looking at Google Maps, is that the beginning of this trail will be in the trees on a north-facing slope and the second portion will be exposed on a south-facing slope. So dress in those layers and plan on carrying some of them later in the day. Also, carry a good amount of water, as the reservoir may not be easily accessible for filtering water.

Bring a sack lunch. We’ll meet up at the Canyon Creek Boat Launch area, hike out for a 2 to 4 miles, do lunch, and then head back to the cars. Orofino City Park is a great place to meet up and carpool to the trailhead if anyone wants to. Just fill up the Discussion with your plans! See you on the trail!

Selway River Day Hike @ Selway River Trail
Jun 9 @ 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Selway River Day Hike @ Selway River Trail | Kooskia | Idaho | United States

The Selway River Trail is an absolute favorite. The terrain is welcoming without being aggressive, and the scenery is simply stunning. The Selway is one of the bigger rivers that you can hike along, providing nice open views of mountains.

We’ll meet up at 8:30 AM PST at the Kooskia Weigh Station where highways 12 and 13 meet just outside Kooskia, ID. We can carpool and caravan from there to the trailhead at Race Creek Campground on the Selway Road. Our goal will be to get on trail at about 10:00 AM. Feel free to meet us at either location.

Early June, the waters will probably be cold and high, but it will still feel good to wade out into them. We also have one good creek crossing about 2 miles in, so maybe bring water shoes or sandals.

The plan will be to hike in 4 or 5 miles, have lunch on a beach, then hike back out. This mid-week hike is for all you Trekkers who fill up your weekends with work and other activities!

Isabella Landing Day Hike @ Isabella Landing Trailhead
Jul 17 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Isabella Landing Day Hike @ Isabella Landing Trailhead | Orofino | Idaho | United States

Isabella Landing Trail #297 traces the shoreline of the North Fork Clearwater River as it pours into Dworshak Reservoir. This may be the ideal time to go hiking with our swimsuits on!

We’ll meet up at the Orofino City Park at 8:00 AM. From there, we can caravan or carpool up to Isabella Landing and aim to hit the trail by 10:00 AM. Feel free to meet up with us at either location.

Hopefully, we’ll get some good weather for this weekend and we can really enjoy the river. But then again, this is Idaho, so come prepared! Sturdy shoes, hiking poles if you like them, a lunch, and plenty of water are all recommended.

Mallard Larkins Weekend Hike @ Smith Ridge Trailhead
Aug 6 @ 9:30 am – Aug 8 @ 4:30 pm
Mallard Larkins Weekend Hike @ Smith Ridge Trailhead | Idaho | United States

This will be the crowing event for The Clearwater Trekkers’ 2021 summer season! The last time we made it out to Heart Lake along the Smith Ridge Trail was in 2016. It was one of our best outings, and we all agreed that one night was simply not enough.

So this time, our plan is to hike 7.25 miles out to Heart Lake in the Mallard Larkins Pioneer Area on Friday, spend Saturday day hiking to Mallard Peak (3.25 miles from Heart Lake), and then returning to the Smith Ridge Saddle on Sunday. Of course, you could also just spend Saturday fishing in Heart Lake if you have a fishing license!

While this hike is definitely doable, it is NOT an easy hike. We will meet up at the Orofino City Park at 7:00 AM and carpool/caravan to the Smith Ridge Saddle up above Isabella Landing. Our goal is to be at the trailhead by 9:30 AM.

Day hikers are welcome to join us on Friday! Hike out, do lunch with us on the trail, and then head back.

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